In recent months, numerous media have become aware of our unique technology, which enables us to make civil engineering visible in 3D with high precision for the first time. We have compiled the most important quotes below.

"Startup from Bonn wants to make underground visible"

In its print and online edition on 22.12.2021, the Bonner Generalanzeiger devoted itself to DeepUp and shed light on what is one of the main problems in the vast majority of civil engineering projects today.

„The Bonn-based start-up DeepUp wants to simplify this complicated search [for underground lines] and thus bring light into the darkness of the canals. "Today, the surveyor usually only comes when the dig has already been closed," said DeepUp CEO Michael Putz. This inevitably leads to inaccurate results.“

In addition, it was explained why exactly Bonn was chosen as the headquarters of DeepUp GmbH:

„They chose Bonn as their company headquarters because it is considered the "Silicon Valley of geoinformatics" and there are correspondingly well-trained specialists.“

You can find out more here (German only).

"A Google Maps for the underground grid"

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper took a look at our technological solution for underground grid construction in a print and web article dated 07 December 2021.

„Two years ago, the two industrial engineers founded DeepUp GmbH, a rapidly growing technology company that has developed a kind of Google Maps in 3D for civil engineering. At the "push of a button," so to speak, it generates a three-dimensional image of the infrastructures built into the earth.“

You can find out more here (German only).

"Persistence and vision"

Startup Valley also dedicated itself to the topics of technology as well as looking into the future in a longer interview from December 20, 2021 and conducted an interview with Sinka Ismail and Michael Putz, founders of DeepUp GmbH. Among other things, the interview dealt with the topic of the target group:

„Our target group comprises all stakeholders of the entire civil engineering industry. This includes owners and operators of public utility networks, construction companies as well as municipalities and cities. We do not limit our strategy to the German-speaking region - we want to operate globally.“

In addition, the simple handling of the DeepUp technology was also discussed in detail:

„With us, the cost-benefit ratio is spot on, which we are also happy to present to our customers in a very transparent manner. We would particularly like to emphasize the ease of operation and satellite-based accuracy of our unique technology. In addition, we have a pre-trained and constantly developing artificial intelligence, with the help of which the installed infrastructure elements can be automatically recognized. In addition, we are very proud of building and establishing a unique cloud platform as a kind of "Google Maps in 3D for the entire underground infrastructure" - no one else in the world can do this and in this precision.“

You can find the full interview here (German only).

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