In recent months, various media have once again reported on our revolutionary solution. We have compiled the most important excerpts below.

"Surveying the underground world"

Faster & safer laying of underground line infrastructure - we enable network operators and civil engineering companies to do this and more. How exactly this is done is described in the current issue of Top Magazin.

„Digitization (...) is the prerequisite for having a highly accurate digital version of the underground in the future. Gradually, the old 2D as-built data will be incorporated into the system.“

You can find out more here on page 25.

"The tech construction assistants"

The current issue of StartingUp highlights the advantages our innovative solution offers network operators, civil engineers & municipalities in network expansion and what our customers value most in us.

„The young venture around the two founders Sinka lsmail and Michael Putz wants to perfect the entire operational construction process from planning and surveying to construction site monitoring and billing - and thus is indirectly saving lives.“

You can find out more here.

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