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Fiber optic rollout at record speed with artificial intelligence

With artificial intelligence, the Bonn-based technology company DeepUp GmbH supports network operators, construction companies and cities in handling the self-supported and subsidized fiber optic expansion faster, more precisely and more economically.

Every year, several billion euros are invested in the nationwide provision of high-performance gigabit networks in Germany. Nevertheless, all stakeholders are confronted with enormous challenges, as the construction industry lags behind other industries in the area of digitalization.

By bundling cutting-edge technologies, DeepUp GmbH is revolutionizing the processes involved in fiber optic expansion, from the start of planning to documentation and billing - giving rise to a new, holistic and user-friendly working environment.

Precise line documentation without prior knowledge in seconds

For the first time, any construction site employee can use DeepUp's innovative 3D handheld scanner to measure newly laid lines, bracing and connecting elements directly on site in a matter of seconds - in three dimensions and with satellite-supported precision of just a few centimeters in the world coordinate system. 3D models and high-resolution top-view images round off the measurement results and give all players the feeling of always being live on site.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, there is no longer any need to make manual entries or assignments. The survey results are then converted into the desired file format (GPKG, shapefiles, etc.) according to customer specifications and automatically integrated into the carrier geoinformation system via an interface. Thus, for the first time, a complete, digital and harmonized grid documentation of unprecedented quality is available. This generates high acceptance among municipalities and ensures a smooth documentation flow.

Transparent construction progress

With the associated web-based overview platform from DeepUp GmbH, construction progress can be conveniently monitored in real time from a distance. This makes it possible to see at a glance how many meters of which infrastructure elements have been installed on which specific days. This avoids time-consuming trips to construction sites, where trenches have usually already been closed again.

Automated invoicing of construction work

With the 3D technology of DeepUp GmbH, construction services can also be billed more easily, faster and with a higher quality. The artificial intelligence integrated in it automatically recognizes which type of earthwork was carried out under which surface.
Discussions between client and contractor or with any road authorities are thus a thing of the past. Geo-referenced photos from different perspectives provide indisputable proof of this.

Virtual X-ray view into the earth with augmented reality

Using the same hardware device, the underground infrastructure can also be visualized in three dimensions and with an absolute accuracy of a few centimeters. Time-consuming study of large site plans is thus a thing of the past. Meetings in large groups with the site management for consultation are reduced - a great benefit not only in times of pandemic.

Direct cost savings from the very first meter

To offer its customers a risk-free entry into the world of digitized construction site management, DeepUp GmbH's pricing model is designed to be as simple as possible. Billing is based on the scanned route meters. However, there are no fees for the use of the hardware devices. This means that the customer does not incur any acquisition costs and benefits directly from the first meter when working with DeepUp GmbH. DeepUp GmbH is a technology company founded in 2019 and headquartered in Bonn, Germany. With its 40-strong team of experts, it is revolutionizing the way we see and understand underground infrastructure. DeepUp GmbH is already working with over 20 partners from the network community. Its product portfolio is continuously being expanded to quickly and flexibly meet the changing needs of the network industry.

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